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United States Department of State

Passport Information

Our photo printing is accurate for current specifications for United States passport photos and INS documents.
 Please provide printed information for any other documents that have other specifications, or for other countries' visas where you may be visiting or studying.

Prices for U.S. Passport
OPT/Standard Visa Photos:
2" x 2" dimensions

$14 plus tax for 2 photos (required)
additional pairs of photos - $5

Photos for other applications:  Visa, Work Permit, Study Abroad Programs, International specifications, OPT, 
European Biometric Specs are all available
additional reprints
at later time- $7/pair

Please present your photo specifications at the time you are photographed so we can accurately prepare your photographs.

Our office hours are...
Tuesday thru Friday:
9 am - 5 pm
by appointment

The Office is Closed Sunday and Monday
Appointments Are Recommended

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