Your Senior Portraits are the most important photographs you'll ever have taken.
Trust them to a studio that specializes in great senior portraits!

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Why Choose Cory Hall Photography?
  • FUN...most seniors returning surveys comment on how much fun they
    actually DO have while having their photos taken! Really!
  • We are a creative studio that will work to create a portrait that reflects YOUR individual style.
  • We will go on-location to take your photos where you want.
  • Buddies poses may be included free during your sitting! 
  • ORDER JUST WHAT YOU NEED. We also offer package specials designed with your needs in mind.
  • Do Your Math! Our packages save you up to 10%
  • WE GIVE QUALITY that definitely looks great!
  • WE HAVE VARIETY that will make your pictures unique!
  • PRICED COMPETITIVELY... We do give you a lot of value for an affordable price!
  • Friends ARE welcome to come along to your photo session.
  • WE are a full-time business with an Address and Regular Business Hours...
  • "Seniors tell us there's a difference in portraits we take...
    Maybe it's the variety you get, or the attention to details.
    We try to not make everything look the same from senior to senior.
    Thanks for noticing!!!"

  • When comparing studio choices for photography many people compare based mostly on price...
    When your family and friends compare your photos,

    they compare based on quality...

    "When you choose Cory Hall Photography
    You Won't Need To Make Excuses!"


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    TERMS-- Session fee plus tax is due when photos are taken. 
    --When Previews are delivered a $75 deposit payable toward your order must be paid. 
    --Returned checks are subject to $25 penalty pursuant to Iowa Law 
    --When placing orders, we deduct the deposit paid from the order total (including tax) and one-half of the 
    balance is due to proceed with the order.  The Full Balance is due when order is delivered.
    Balances unpaid beyond 90 days will be subject to 1.5% monthly charges. 
    --We are not responsible for orders not picked up for 120 days or longer.
    --A complete listing of our terms will be provided with your previews, or contact our office.  

    "When It's Created...It's Copyrighted"

    Cory Hall Photography has the sole right to reproduce images commissioned by the customer. 
    Your charges for professional services to produce images do not entitle copying and distribution in any form,
    including scanning and email, without permission.
    Copyright Laws of the United States prohibit unauthorized duplication. 
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    It Is unlawful to reproduce photographs without permission.
    Please do not save our images as PC desktop wallpaper, the image size and resolution will not fit
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