Above: Composite (digital designed) Memory Mate                                                                              

Special Order Items:

Photo Mouse Pad: $18.00   - Memory Mate Design

"License Plate" size metal photo:  $25.00
   Tiger Glow or Memory Mate Design
To order special order items: Print this page from our website...Circle Items Ordered
Enclose with your Memory Mate Order Envelope.  NOTE: Set Page to "Landscape" to print.

Statue Cutout:
5x7: $45.00   -   8x10: $55.00

circle size

FreeForm Magnet:

Dry Erase Memo Board:
  8x10 $25.00  design may vary
circle:  Calendar  or  Message List (pictured)

Plastic water bottles:  hold 15 ounces of water, also include a storage compartment
at the bottom, perfect for keys and money when at the ball field.     $20.00

(Water Bottles are not dishwasher safe)
Scrapbooker Page
8 1/2" x 11" $30.00 ____
10" x 10"  $30.00  ____
12" x 12"   $35.00 ____
revised memory mate style, designed, personalized does not include page/book sleeve

Trader Cards (12): $21.00*
   “baseball style” trading card with stats
   note - custom design - not template

*Dog-Tag type Key Chain: $9.00

10x20 or 12x16  $35.00 ____

18x24 Poster:  $45.00  ____
circle size and subject
Individual    -   Team Photo

Calendar Mate (Calendar plus photo)
 -8x10: $25.00       -8x16: $45.00
12 month photo calendar: $75.00
  -personalized with events $95.00

____Laser Cut Shape $17.00  circle choice above

____Porcelain Ornament $22.00  circle shape above

Jewelry Charms or Necklaces

Graduation Guestbook:

16 page hardcover book including action
and individual photos on custom layout
with space for guest messages and signatures

Hardcover Memory Book: $170.00
16 page hardcover book including action and
individual photos on custom layout

Photo Mug: $24.00
Cory Hall Photography has the sole right to reproduce images commissioned by the customer.
Your charges for professional services (by any professional photographer)
to produce images do not entitle copying and distribution in any form, including scanning and email,
without permission. Copyright Laws of the United States prohibit unauthorized duplication.
All Photographs on this website are by Cory Hall.

Please let me know if you have any issues with printing the above .pdf...Thank You!

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