"Welcome To Your Senior Year!"
The next several months will be full of exciting new opportunities, experiences and decisions. One of those will be to choose who will take your senior portraits, a time-honored tradition that deserves careful consideration of Quality, Value and Variety. This is your chance to make a lasting impression with your friends and community...about Who you are... about the person you have come to BE. We will help you look your best, while making an expression of your character and personality. Everything You are about... your look, your style... is what you want Your Photos to BE about...and we definitely can capture that for you!
This Is What We Do...Every Day!
Seniors tell us "there's a difference" in portraits we take... Maybe it's the variety you get or the attention to details. We try very hard to not make everything look the same from senior to senior! We have a long-standing reputation for excellence, and look forward to putting this to work for you!

"Scheduling and Planning Your Photo Session"
Meeting with Cory for a Senior Session Consultation is the first important step to creating your awesome senior portraits. Please feel free to stop by the studio or call so we can find out what all you will want to incorporate into your session. Selecting the best time of day and season is important to having your photos be everything you, and we, want them to be. Also, Including items or going to places that have meaning to you is vital to making your senior photos a memorable experience! Showcasing your achievements in music, sports, drama or other activities will also be a highlight of your photo package. The session details shown below are the starting point in creating your portraits.
Your Senior Portraits Create Your Legacy!
These photos will join the traditions and history that your parents, siblings, relatives have or will be bringing to your family... "legacy." We value the importance of having printed photographs to display and share with your family and friends.

"We have what it takes to make You Look Good!"
Professional Retouching, Selection and Editing, Special Effects, Excellent Variety!! Unique Composites, Display Portfolios, Wallets in Metallic or Regular Finishes, Double Sided Wallets, Full Service Framing, Portrait Panels, Memory Books... Your Portraits will be unique, Not Like your friends' photos...